Growing together 

Marangoni Retreading Systems has developed a project to guarantee to its own partners, in addition to high-performance truck tyre retreading technologies, a wide range of Products, Services and Programmes.

The "We Care: Growing together" project is the result of Marangoni Retreading Systems' desire to define its position and its products vis-à-vis its own partners, and clearly stand out from the competition. Moreover, it provides a valid alternative for concerted growth.

The aim of the project is then not "simply to supply materials for retreading", but to provide a platform to integrate the already existing skills and develop future initiatives.

The project offers then:

  • top-quality products and processes for partners and high safety for operators;
  • reduction of operating costs for the final user;
  • compliance with technical and environmental regulations for both.

For its partners Marangoni Retreading Systems offers its support for the continuous improvement in the retreading process, for the pursuit of production efficiency and the improvement of the finished products with a series of projects, such as:


The operational check-up and technical and organisational support program pursuing the increased productivity of retreading systems and the improvement of finished product quality.

Global remote

The traditional on-site technical support service that relies on a network of technical support service that relies on a network of technicians across Europe is now complemented by a new and more efficient remote management system through the Internet and webcams connecting individual machines with Marangoni’s technical support centres.

Technical Seminar

Technical training on:

  • various stages of the retreading process;
  • use and maintenance of the different machinery;
  • casing analysis, inspection and management in the retreading process;
  • analysis of defects, cracks and repairs.
Marangoni training lab

Technical-business training for:

  • retreaders' sales and fleet support organizations;
  • the planning and management of a modern retreading system;
  • business development and staff management
Quality audit

State of the art quality check for retreading.

fleet care Marangoni

Electronic Vehicle Inspection is a platform made available to Marangoni Retreading Systems partners, their dealers and fleet customers to support fleet’s total tyre cycle management, through the use of pocket PCs and the fast transfer of data to the relevant databases.