A virtuous cycle

The RINGTREAD SYSTEM offers highly automated retreading processes, guaranteeing enhanced productivity, high quality standards and outstanding technical performance.

A. Inspection

Highly qualified operators, using sophisticated equipment especially developed by Marangoni, determine the characteristics of the casings and select the best ones.

B. Buffing

Residues of the old tread are completely eliminated, leaving a surface on the casing featuring crests and grooves designed especially to improve adhesion of the ring.

C. Repair

Following additional inspection, any damage to the tyre is repaired specifically before applying the ring. Marangoni trains personnel continually on how to carry out these operations.

D. Building

The Marangoni building machines place and automatically centre the ring on the casing, rolling it to maximise adhesion. The machinery used is extremely sophisticated and eliminates all possibility of human error.

E. Monorail

The casings are handled in such a way as to prevent any contact with impurities and debris, using a made-to-measure monorail that, exploiting a double envelope system, ensures maximum adhesion of the new parts to the casing.


This guarantees a perfect seal between the ring and the casing, the last step in obtaining a high quality tyre.