Retreading raised to perfection.

RINGTREAD is the only retreading system that uses jointless precured rings that adhere to the casing without any tension or deformation of the tread pattern.

For a tyre retreading firm, choosing the RINGTREAD SYSTEM means:

  • savings on materials during the retreading process;
  • savings on labour due to the high level of automation and speed of the retreading process;
  • significant increase in efficiency of the production process;
  • guarantee of an evident quality advantage due to the intrinsic characteristics of the ring.

The retreading process

RINGTREAD System guarantees reduced processing times and less waste, and the performance levels of the retreads produced can even exceed those of new tyres.

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Technology and equipment

Marangoni supplies a complete package of machinery and technical support to ensure that the highest quality standards are achieved at all times.

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