RINGTREAD is still revolutionizing the industry today. Learn how, reading the comparison between our exclusive retreading process and the tradition precured tread retreading.

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Retreading systems

Innovation used for retreading

The experience gained over decades of work alongside its customers and within its own facilities has enabled Marangoni Retreading Systems to develop an integrated approach to resolving the various problemas that must be addressed every day in a retreading plant.

It's for this reason that Marangoni Retreading Systems is able to meet big and small retreaders' requests with complete package of machinery to ensure that the highest quality standards are achieved at all times.


In order to meet the standards of excellence Marangoni Retreading Systems has designed the RINGTREAD SYSTEM, a complete cold retreading system that guarantees a perfect end result.


Precured treads

Marangoni was one of the first companies to believe in retreading technology using precured tread strips, and has perfected it with continuous developments over the last 50 years.