RINGTREAD. Guaranteed quality, great savings.

The first and only tread pattern that is round and goes round and round when it works.

The RINGTREAD ring has no joints and fits perfectly to the casing without tension or deformation. It guarantees reduced processing times and less waste, and its performance levels are equivalent to and sometimes even exceed those of a new tyre.

Here you are four good reasons for retreading with RINGTREAD technology.

Lower fuel consumption

The lack of deformities in the design of both tread and the undertread profile assures reduced and uniform rolling resistance, thanks to the naturally circular shape and jointless application of the tread on the casing.

Furthermore, the use of high elasticity compounds provides lower rolling resistance. The result: lower fuel consumption and a considerable saving especially over medium and long distances.

More reliable

The shearographic inspection system detects all casing defects both before and after the tyre retreading process. This ensures that the tyre is suitable for retreading and that the finished product is of perfect integrity.

The RINGTREAD dual radius buffing process removes residual rubber from the worn tread surface, following the original curvature of the tyre casing and is individually adapted to perfectly fit the profile of the specific ring that will be applied. This ensures perfect, tension-free adhesion between casing and tread, reducing heat-generation within the tyre to enhance durability. The lack of joints eliminates weak points may shorten tread life.

More mileage

RINGTREAD is produced in radial steel moulds, just like new tyres and this guarantees perfect grooves and sipes and the absence of any deformation of the tread design when it is applied.

This means the tyre's performance levels are not compromised and wear is slow and even.

The compounds used in Ringtreads are specially formulated to withstand high abrasion on any surface, ensuring longer tread life.

Better grip

Thanks to RINGTREAD's circular shape and its jointless technology, there are no deformations or interruptions in the tread design and this means the original characteristics of each and every design are completely respected.

This assures the best possible grip and maximum tread adhesion even on the most slippery surfaces.

All winter designs use specially developed compounds. Adhesion is outstanding even on the most slippery surfaces and at low temperatures.