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In order to face the ever growing market demands to limit fuel consumption, extend product life and improve grip in the presence of rain or  snow, Marangoni has recently released this new series of rings.

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RINGTREAD: the superior retread

RINGTREAD is the result of a very simple concept: tyres are round and go round and round when they work, therefore the new tread, that replaces the worn one, must be perfectly circular in order to integrate harmoniously with the casing and recreate a perfect unit.

RINGTREAD has always been synonymous with technology, reliability, efficiency and savings.
To maintain these criteria, our research centre carefully monitors the evolutions in road transport vehicles: more horsepower, technologically-advanced chassis offering new levels of comfort, safety and reduced fuel consumption.
For RINGTREAD, innovation means interpreting and indeed anticipating the requirements of new vehicles.


  • No joints: complete reliability
  • Perfect pattern geometry
  • Comparable life to new tyres
  • Less overheating and lower fuel consumption

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The perfect ring for every need

The tread patterns are developed using the latest-generation oilfree compounds, rich in natural rubber, while the depth of the range assures specific performance for different needs.

Explore the RINGTREAD product range by application:

Road: medium and long distances

Bus: city, intercity, tour buses

Truck and bus winter range

On/Off and Off-road