Marangoni Fleet Care

Working for the truck drivers

Marangoni Retreading Systems thinks not only about its customers, the retreaders, but also to customers of its customers, the fleets.

Marangoni Fleet Care is a toolbox made by software and service programmes available to retreading partners to help them develop and manage their fleets and increase customer loyalty.


RING 24h is a tyre Breakdown Service Programme intended to help buses and trucks get back on the road in the event of failed tyres. A 24/7 service 365 days of the year with over 6000 service providers in Europe, Ring 24h can be reached with a single telephone number in all European countries.

fleet care Marangoni

Electronic Vehicle Inspection is a platform made available to Marangoni Retreading Systems partners, their dealers and fleet customers to support fleet’s total tyre cycle management, through the use of pocket PCs and the fast transfer of data to the relevant databases.

Fleet Cost Calculator

Fleet Cost Calculator is a programme to calculate tyre management costs (tyres, system and hidden costs) and simulated optimisation strategies.