On April 27, 1976 the first ring was produced in Ferentino, in a plant that was not supposed to be a simple retreading plant, but a company focused on high-tech materials and technologies. The production of rings went along years of intense work, studies, designs and prototypes' manufacturing, that led - towards the end of the nineties - to the evolution of the RINGTREAD System with a more modern, automated and environmentally friendly manner of retreading using our jointless precured tread rings.

The expansion of the plant occurred gradually with no pauses, from the very beginning to nowadays, with the recent installation of a new press for tread rings up to 450mm wide (called "super wide singles"), as an addition to the existing one, thus doubling the production capacity.

In 2010, after a long stay in Verona, the sales offices were moved to Rovereto, inside the Marangoni worldwide headquarters, where the Advanced Research and Development center operates extensively through all business areas of the Marangoni Group.

Sales offices

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Marangoni S.p.A.
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