New Marangoni partner in the Canary Islands

13 November 2015
The major changes that have affected the retreading industry in recent years, together with the significant progress Marangoni RS has made in ensuring its offering best responds to customer needs, have contributed to the growth in the number of Marangoni partners around the world.
Marangoni Retreading Systems is therefore pleased to announce the expansion of its market presence on the Canary Islands, thanks to a partnership agreement stipulated with Boleca S.L., one of the archipelago’s leading retreaders.

Already present on the Canary Islands for more than twenty years, with this important agreement Marangoni Retreading Systems has strengthened its business in this demanding area. The Canary Islands, despite the recent economic crisis, still account for an important share of the Spanish market (>10%), due to the islands’ highly abrasive road surfaces.

This partnership with Marangoni Retreading Systems”, the Manager of Boleca S.L. stated, “allows us to deliver our customers the best that retreading has to offer: RINGTREAD is the only circular retread. Joint-free, they adhere perfectly to the casing, without any tension or deformation, ensuring faster processing times and less waste, with the same or even higher performance than new tyres”.

More information available in our press release.