New WS101 pattern

26 September 2014
We are pleased to announce the completion of the new winter range of Blackline Ringtreads with the presentation of this special pattern.

This new-generation product meets the demands of extremely competitive and selective markets, thanks to its ability to combine traction and mileage, above all on roads covered by ice or compact snow.

The bi-directional tread pattern features a variable block arrangement and deep 3D siping with interlock technology; specifically, the square tread profile means an exceptionally wide footprint that maximises road grip, allowing the tread to adapt to continuous changes in both road and weather conditions.

These features mean excellent control on surfaces covered with snow, even compact, and ice, thanks to grooved central siping and dense transversal siping that optimise tread footprint, improving grip even in the most extreme conditions that require control, high traction and at the same time good mileage.

The wide opening of the shoulders means that the tread is constantly kept “clean” of any snow and ice; this function is moreover enhanced by the transversal grooves, which help ensure drainage and keep the tread clean, thus guaranteeing reduced road noise and consequently greater comfort.

The innovative zigzag grooves on the centre blocks further ensure excellent initial grip in all road conditions.

The extensive reinforcing bridges on the central ribs provide stability on softer ground (snow, mud), resistance to very aggressive road surfaces (ice) and more regular wear, even when the tread is used for some time on non-winter roads.

In addition, this tread is the first to bear the Marangoni logo directly on the pattern.
The profile is made using a specially developed compound that ensures better rebound at low temperatures and reduced rolling resistance, as well as longer tread rubber life in extremely stressful conditions.